Thank you

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I would like to thank Tracey of “Tracey and Friends” (WSOM Radio 600 in Youngstown OH) for inviting me to be her guest. I appreciate her giving me an opportunity to share a few thoughts about how to become the “agent of change” in your own life and to talk about the importance of our work with our “Site Unseen TV” show.

We will shortly be blogging here more about the show in the coming days but I will say at this time that we feel that as a society we aren’t doing enough for our veterans and we hope to do our part to help as well as to make the public aware of their needs.

They have given so much to our country and we just don’t appear to be holding up our end of the bargain back to them.

Happy Independence Day To All My Fellow Americans

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I would like to give you a fun and very appropriate gift to help you celebrate this July 4th holiday.

It’s been 237 years since the writing and dating of the “Declaration of Independence” that first July 4th. Soon after 56 very brave people signed their names to this document and in doing so swore an oath to each other. They “pledged their lives, their treasure, and their sacred honor” and that simple act started the beginning of everything you and I know today as the United States of America.

You and I of course now know in hind sight how that all turned out as a matter of historical fact but those 56 very brave people had no such guarantees. I have often wondered if I were there all those years ago, would I have had the courage to sign my name?

Well fortunately you and I don’t have to make that decision by taking such an uncertain act and don’t have to be quite as concerned if we would be putting ourselves and our family’s lives in danger!

But we maybe just could participate in one act they did by signing our names.

My gift to you my fellow Americans on this special day is a direct link to the national archives where you can get your own personalized copy of the “Declaration of Independence” to sign your name to and then print out, so you can display it proudly in your home or office. Fortunately you can do this in the privacy and safety of your own home because those 56 blessed Founding Fathers took all the risk when they put it all on the line for us.

Have a Happy July 4th

And may God bless you and may God continue to bless The United States of America.

So Hot, I Can’t Save America Today…

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The Oppressive Heat Index in South Carolina this week has delayed my efforts to Save our Great Nation!

For the last few days I have been trying to assemble the major components of my small scale Ethanol alternative fuel production.

By 10:30 in the morning it’s so hot that I have to wear padded gloves just to touch anything metal.

This heat has triggered a timely fond memory in honor of Father’s Day…My dad used to tell me stories how, during WWII, in the Sahara Desert, they would fry eggs on the back deck of his tank.  Now I know what he was talking about! (God rest his soul)

Many Heartfelt Memories …

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I cannot believe it has been over 3 years when I got back from Vero Beach, Florida’s Latin Festival fund raiser for six of their local charities which included the “SCJH” (Sebastian Charter Junior High).

I was invited to attend, and while I was there it was my great privilege to design and then, with a team of volunteers, build a 2300 square foot outdoor dance floor, where the performers, as well as the general public, got to dance to some of the greatest Latin music in this hemisphere.

The “SCJH”, is an “A” rated school, with a track record of ten proud years of success that needs and deserves a permanent campus.

In this day of declining educational results it was an awesome time for me, personally, to meet some of the dedicated teachers and some of the highly-motivated students who are preparing themselves for a productive future as self-reliant contributing members of their communities.

Since my mother had to fight for the right for me to attend public school, making me the first blind child in the USA to have done so, you can understand why I was so impressed to learn that they are a public charter school of choice. The school turns no one away.  If they have space you have a school. Once there, the curriculum has the students working as hard on themselves as their education.

I was also greatly impressed by the level of parent involvement with not only their own children but also with the school, teachers, and the other children attending.

I have already committed that if they do this again I would be honored to be asked to volunteer again.

I also want to give my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all those many great people who gave me much help and support and who opened their hearts and homes to me, making it possible for me to be so effective while doing my small part participating in such a phenomenally successful event.  This, for sure, is another great memory for the scrapbook of my life.

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